Welcome to TwelfSoon you can ride
Cheaper, Smarter, Better!

Twelf offers a simple mobile application connecting drivers and passengers with the push of a button. Nothing new here. However, we believe rides can be even cheaper and smarter. How?

Well, by offering the first sponsored ridesharing experience in the world. Brands will be presented with a unique opportunity to build deeper, trusted, permission-based, one-to-one relationships with their audiences, and customers will be connected with their preferred products and services enjoying a discounted ride. The platform is data-driven, providing an online marketplace where customers on a regular basis can profit and preserve their data.

Sponsorship & Engagement

Private urban transportation has never been more comfortable and cheaper. Be economical and let companies engage with you and sponsor your rides. Complete replacement of the ad-supported internet with full transparency. We offer more than a ride, we offer a deeper relationship with your preferred companies.

Data Monetization

Aiming to provide you the smoothest and smartest ride for your urban trips. A mobile-based marketplace where you can profit from allowing access to you. preserve and monetize your own data.

Safety & Control

Decide yourself how much information you would like to share, keep control of your privacy. Personal data ownership opens completely new ways for enjoyment of content, entertainment, shopping and even social experiences.

Ride-Hailing 2.0

Ready to disrupt urban transportation, cheaper rides connecting you with companies, goods and services. Here is a sneak peek. Enjoy the ride!